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Introducing our revolutionary monthly planner with a time boxing mechanism, designed to supercharge your productivity! Stay organized and focused as you allocate specific time blocks for tasks and activities. With its user-friendly layout and ample writing space, this planner helps you achieve your goals, manage time effectively, and conquer your to-do list like never before. Maximize productivity and seize control of your schedule with this essential tool by your side. Get ready to make every minute count!

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The kit contains:

  1. Seed Pencil (Recycled Newspaper): Embrace sustainability with our eco-friendly seed pencil, crafted from recycled newspaper. Once it’s worn down, plant the tip in soil, and watch it sprout into beautiful greenery. A small step towards a greener planet!
  2. Recycled Newspaper Pencil: Another eco-conscious choice, our recycled newspaper pencil offers smooth writing while reducing paper waste. Be kind to the environment with every stroke you make.
  3. Seed Pen: Put pen to paper with our innovative seed pen, combining functionality and eco-friendliness. Crafted from biodegradable materials, it contains seeds in its cap. After use, sow the cap and grow your very own plant!
  4. Monthly Planners with Time Boxing Mechanism (Set of 3): Stay organized and boost productivity with our trio of monthly planners. Plan your tasks and events using the time boxing mechanism, ensuring every minute is utilized effectively. Accomplish goals with ease and efficiency.
  5. Mobile Stand (Recycled Waste Wood): Discover a unique mobile stand made from recycled waste wood, adding a rustic charm to your workspace. Sturdy and sustainable, it’s a perfect blend of innovation and eco-consciousness.
  6. Post Card (Bhusa Sheet): Send heartfelt messages with our one-of-a-kind post card, crafted from bhusa sheet, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper. Share your thoughts while contributing to a cleaner environment.
  7. Jute Bag: Carry your eco-conscious travel kit in style with our spacious jute bag. Made from natural fibers, it’s durable, reusable, and a chic statement of your commitment to sustainability.

Embrace responsible travel and work practices with our travel stationary kit, designed to inspire eco-consciousness without compromising on quality or functionality. Each item is a testament to our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. Travel with purpose, leaving a positive impact on the environment with every step of your journey.



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