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What are bio-degradables?

Biodegradable products are items that can naturally break down and decompose into harmless substances in the environment, minimising their impact on ecosystems and reducing waste accumulation.

What are sustainables?

Sustainable products are items designed and manufactured using methods and materials that minimize environmental impact, promote social responsibility, and ensure long-term viability for future generations.



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Now buy yourself authentic products which are from all the corners of India. The artisans attach their feelings by praying before making these product with love. IYKYK.


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Mr. Akash Singh

Recycling temple waste into sculptures

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Rishabh Satwal

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I thought bio-degradable products are expensive until I purchased it from here

Sanya Dey

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Perfect place to gift things to your loved ones


From Google

IDK why but while purchasing the products from here, it gave me sense of contribution